EPC-UK has been awarded Centre Accreditation and membership as a provider by both JAUPT, the (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training), SQA and the National Logistics Training Consortium. This is great news for the business and allows us to further expand our Learning & Development suite of courses, to include the delivery of ADR Driver training courses including specialist Class 1 explosives.

Exclusive offer 35 hours CPC

EPC-UK will be the only company in the East Midlands to offer the full and required 35 hours CPC through a 5 ½ day full initial ADR course including Class 1 explosives this will be operated by our own in-house driver-trainer specialist, Anthony Bird.

Covering all aspects specified by CDG (Carriage of Dangerous Goods), the course is run from EPC-UK’s state-of-the-art Learning and Development Centre in the East Midlands. Content is delivered through relevant and engaging presentations, as well as demonstrations on how this newly acquired knowledge can be practically applied, providing clients with an interactive and cost-effective compliance training programme.

As a market leading multi-national company that specialises in the manufacture, storage and transportation of both petroleum chemicals and explosives products worldwide, we are excited to be sharing our industry expertise to assist others in gaining their full ADR licence qualification.

Ben Williams, Managing Director of EPC-UK, explains, “Safeguarding the safety of drivers of dangerous goods is essential. However, the introduction of this new legislation means it is now even more imperative for both drivers and company owners alike to ensure they have the correct training and qualifications.”

Excellent driver training experience

JAUPT, SQA and NLTC accreditation ensures that EPC-UK provide the very best possible driver training experience to clients and is a mechanism that enables us to continually improve and evaluate the way we deliver this service to the UK commercial vehicle industry. The accreditation process involved a detailed review and analysis of EPC-UK’s administration, management, and service delivery functions against international standards of best practice.

Courses will operate regularly at our Learning & Development Centre in Alfreton. Dates are now available on our website www.epc-groupe.co.uk

For more information please contact our Learning & Development Administrator

DDI: 01773 837646 Email: Learning@epc-groupe.co.uk